Avatar Genie Pro Review – How To Create Your Own Guru-Level Avatar And Mascot Characters In Just Minutes. No Photoshop. No Design Skills. No Experience Needed. (Oh, And No Monthly Fees Too!)

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Hi..Thanks For visitng Gurureviewer.com, Today i’ll give you more information about “Avatar Genie Pro” before you download it.


Product Overview

Vendor : June Ashley
Product : Avatar Genie Pro
Launch Time : 09:00 EDT
Launch Date : 2016-06-03
Front-End Price : $37
Niche : Software
Official page : Click Here

About Avatar Genie Pro :

  1. First true Avatar and Mascot builder app
  2. Create your own Premium Quality characters in just minutes
  3. Highly Customizable – point-n-click style
  4. Start using for your business and marketing right away

What is Avatar Genie Pro ?

Avatar Genie Pro is an app. This app is a web based one. With this Avatar Genie Pro, you could build the cartoon characters from the numerous library of this software. This includes costumes, hairstyles, poses, and even more. This Avatar Genie Pro is things that all the people, especially Internet marketers desire to grab it soon because of its usage. With the help of this Avatar Genie Pro software, the users can also just point and click to create all their necessary unique characters for things that the company only owns. This is the reason why I want to share you more about this wonderful software.

Avatar Genie Pro Benefit :

1. Avatar Genie Pro help you

  • Fresh, new characters in your sales videos and video presentations
  • Spice up your sales letters and graphics with high quality character personalization
  • Desperately want to improve the look and feel of your websites, covers and marketing materials
  • And what anything you want.

2. Avatar Genie Pro is very easy to use with 5 simple steps

  • Step 1: Choose Your Character’s Gender (Male / Female)
  • Step 2: Choose Facial Expression
  • Step 3: Choose From Wide Range Of Body Tones And Poses
  • Step 4: Pick A Hairstyle
  • Step 5: Generous Selection Of Outfits, Costumes And Accessories

Avatar Genie Pro Review

Here’s How Avatar Genie Pro it works:

  1. 100% web based app: nothing to install
  2. Easy point-n-click editor lets you build your characters in minutes or less
  3. Rich library of elements to customize your character: male/female, body tones, poses, hairstyles, costumes, outfits, and accessories
  4. Save your work anytime
  5. Export in PNG transparent format
  6. Can also be used on mobile device like iPad 7. Optional Upgrade DOUBLES your collection and choices…

Avatar Genie Pro it works Bonuses :

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Avatar Genie Pro minimizes the effort needed to create an effective and professional looking avatar that works well with any product or service that you wish to pair with. Plus, this amazing app lets you design cool avatars in just MINUTES! No Design Skills. No Advanced Design/Editing Software Required. Just a few minutes and some creativity. Get Avatar Genie Pro Now…


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