Early Learning Book Bustle Review – Revealed : A Totally NEW Method For Creating Kid’s Variety Workbooks! NO WEBSITE, NO TECH SKILLS and WITHOUT SPENDING ANY MONEY!

By | March 24, 2018

Early Learning Book Bustle Review – Revealed : A Totally NEW Method For Creating Kid’s Variety Workbooks! NO WEBSITE, NO TECH SKILLS and WITHOUT SPENDING ANY MONEY!

Introducing :

The children’s book market is REWARDING & VERY LUCRATIVE! That includes fiction AND non-fiction books. Generally, fiction books are the biggest earners BUT they require a lot of work to get right…not to mention the tough competition!. On the other end of the scale, non-fiction kids books, such as early learning books, are also big earners BUT there is MUCH LESS work involved to create them AND there is less competition!. So with the right method you can easily earn regular, monthly commissions just by putting together children’s early learning workbooks! They involve virtually ZERO writing and you can assemble these hugely popular books in JUST A FEW HOURS!

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Early Learning Book Bustle Review – Revealed : A Totally NEW Method For Creating Kid’s Variety Workbooks! NO WEBSITE, NO TECH SKILLS and WITHOUT SPENDING ANY MONEY!

What is Early Learning Book Bustle :

Early Learning Book Bustle is Training course that sharpturn show you how YOU CAN PROFIT from this high demand market by publishing TOP QUALITY, PROFESSIONAL children’s workbooks that SELL LIKE CRAZY!. Using this method you can create books in every single children’s workbook category AND sub-categories. The style and type of books you can put together are endless! You can target ALL age groups from pre-school all the way up through the Grades. You can even focus on young AND old special needs groups…the sky really is the limit when it comes to thinking up ideas for these books!

Early Learning Book Bustle by Sharpturn Benefit :

  • …Non-fiction children’s books in general are much easier to create. With the right method creating kid’s workbooks can be SUPER PROFITABLE!
  • …Children’s books…fiction AND non-fiction are EVERGREEN. This means that year after year YOUR WORKBOOKS WILL CONTINUE TO SELL. You will actually receive ongoing book royalties long after you created your first book!
  • …Kids early learning workbooks are HIGH DEMAND consumable products that will cost you ZERO dollars to create. These books SELL LIKE CRAZY because consumers want their children to learn…they want the best for their kids!
  • …This LUCRATIVE niche market has MILLIONS OF HUNGRY BUYERS. Give these consumers what they want and you will see the gradual INCREASE IN YOUR PROFITS!
  • …You don’t need to be a writer, you don’t need to think up stories or create characters. These workbooks are considered to be LOW CONTENT which means there is very little writing to be done. CREATE, COPY, PASTE…DONE! IT’S THAT SIMPLE!
  • …Create the type of books that people want and THESE BOOKS WILL SELL THEMSELVES! Very little, if any, promotion is required to help grow the flow of consistent royalty PROFITS. Of course, promoting your books will help a lot.
  • …Follow this course…stick to it…and you will see that publishing kids workbooks can provide you with a FLOW OF RESIDUAL INCOME that will grow over time.
  • …BENEFIT from ALL YEAR ROUND SALES by gradually building your own catalog of children’s workbooks in this HOT and growing niche!


  • …I will show you how SURPRISINGLY EASY it is for ANYONE, with zero skills and experience, to learn how to complete a children’s workbook in a short time. You will learn the POWERFUL METHODS that I use for putting these types of books together.
  • …I will reveal the latest AMAZING FREE ONLINE TOOL that I discovered to help create the quality worksheets used for these books. Literally…content created AT A PUSH OF A BUTTON!
  • …You will have a whole array of options available to you for creating the kind of QUALITY kids books that are MOST PROFITABLE. You can NOW create fully completed, quality, children’s early learning workbooks in a matter of a few hours.
  • …You will have an understanding of the basic learning Grade guidelines for English and Math to help you to create better books targeting the right age groups. This is IMPORTANT if you want to get return sales from satisfied customers.
  • …Using images and text instructions, I show you how to create as many books as you want in the SIMPLEST WAY POSSIBLE. Newbies can rest assured that the process is as simple as copying and pasting into your book documents.
  • …You will learn how to create each of the worksheet “categories” so that you can put together any UNIQUE style of kids book. This will include all English Literacy AND Math worksheets for ALL AGES! There is a lot of FREEDOM to be as creative as you want here.
  • …The STEP BY STEP process for putting a book together is explained in detail so you can understand the method in baby steps. To make things a TOTAL NO-BRAINER I provided all the templates you need for this particular step! As mentioned above…this is as simple as COPY & PASTE.
  • …You will learn how to create GREAT LOOKING BOOK COVERS, in a matter of minutes, for FREE…NO SKILL NEEDED! I provide you with examples of good covers and also lay out some top tips that will help you create amazing covers every time.
  • …You will learn the VERY EASY process of uploading and PUBLISHING A CHILDREN’S PRINT BOOK. You will use a free online publisher that will create, list, print and distribute all your books. This will NOT COST YOU A DIME! You get to ENJOY THE ROYALTY PROFITS EACH MONTH!

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Early Learning Book Bustle Review – Revealed : A Totally NEW Method For Creating Kid’s Variety Workbooks! NO WEBSITE, NO TECH SKILLS and WITHOUT SPENDING ANY MONEY!


  • …You want an EASY TO FOLLOW, step by step course that AVOIDS ALL FLUFF and just gets straight to the “HOW TO” side of things. Anyone who has my previous courses knows that the information provided is exactly what I mention above. I provide you with the tools to help you create your own income producing book catalogs…empires!
  • …You have a day job but want to build an income “SAFETY NET” just to make sure you can PROVIDE FOR YOUR FAMILY in any future events. This is the perfect business model if you enjoy your day job but love the idea of earning via other income sources.
  • …You want to either BOOST YOUR ONLINE INCOME or actually get your FIRST ONLINE INCOME flow started. A steady flow of cash each and every month can certainly make a difference in a family’s life. Publishing is one of the top passive income models online.
  • …You are sick and tired of STRUGGLING FINANCIALLY even after all the hours you put into your work. Well…it is time to change that because there is a residual return on investment, (your time), on all books that YOU CREATE. This method DOES produce PROFITS!
  • …You DO NOT want to spend any money while creating your books. That is perfectly understandable and not a problem at all because this course DOES NOT require you to spend any money. All you need to invest is your time.
  • …You are thinking “I can’t do this” “I can’t write” “I’m not an author” “I hated English”. Then you and my course will get on famously because none of those things matter in this course.
  • …You are looking for an online business WITHOUT a steep learning curve. This course is set out in such an easy to follow manner that you could begin creating a book immediately after reading!
  • …You don’t want to be playing around with websites, email lists, technical stuff and anything else that involves hours of learning and practice. You don’t need to worry…none of those things are the focus of this course.
  • …You are someone who already has self-published books and wants to try something a little different and much less taxing on the mind! You should find this method SUPER EASY and a FANTASTIC ADDITION to your online book business.

WHAT’S INSIDE…This Comprehensive Course

  • …You will receive my 104 page, STEP BY STEP instruction manual that takes you by the hand and walks you through this amazing early learning children’s book creation process. There are 5 SUPER EASY STEPS TO FOLLOW that are laid out in such a way to make the whole process as easy as possible. VERY NEWBIE FRIENDLY!
    A 24 page, fully detailed Author Central PDF that guides you through the process of creating your book profile, adding pen names, updating listings, tracking sales, tracking customer reviews and generally improving your chances of increasing book sales.
    A 32 page, fully detailed Createspace Tutorial that shows you how to upload and publish a book with ease. The guide also shows you how you can create your book covers for free!
    One 8×10 children’s workbook template and one 8.5×11 workbook template. Both are fully formatted and ready to use. Just copy and paste into it. The templates are in Word and Open Office.

Conclusion :

Get FULL ACCESS to this complete package TODAY!. You get the EARLY LEARNING BOOK BUSTLE course + ALL the included additional EXTRAS – (Book Templates, Author Central Tutorial & Createspace Full Tutorial).+ 100%Guarantee…, Grab it Fast..!!!

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Early Learning Book Bustle Review – Revealed : A Totally NEW Method For Creating Kid’s Variety Workbooks! NO WEBSITE, NO TECH SKILLS and WITHOUT SPENDING ANY MONEY!

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