Kindle Short Reads Mastery by Mike Nielsen trusted review – Easy Way To Publish Fiction

Kindle Short Reads Mastery by Mike Nielsen trusted review – Easy Way To Publish Fiction

Here’s Everything You Need To Make It Happen

Every day a hopeful author tries to make it in self-publishing.

Only to fail.

You invest in training that helps you put it all together. Each piece gets you a bit closer. But in the end you’re overloaded with information, and short on cash.

Sound familiar? Then listen up.

It’s simple…

You need direction.

You need a clear roadmap.

Does Self-Publishing Sometimes Feel Like
Trying To Nail Jelly To A Tree

Publishing your own books was supposed to be easy.

It was supposed to be a level playing field.

And yet others are constantly succeeding where you don’t.

It’s easy to think self-publishing requires a degree or a huge wad of cash?

The training you’ve bought helps…sometimes.

Most of the time it’s either complicated or just doesn’t work. Or you’re simply left guessing where to go from there.

You’re starting to think it’s impossible to:

-Finish a book.
-Publish it.
-Earn royalties.

Does that sound about right?

You need help finding your way. You need direction.

You’re basically trying to run before you’ve even learned to crawl.

And because you’re not getting the basics right, you’re failing.

The good news – It’s not your fault.

Check here:
Kindle Short Reads Mastery by Mike Nielsen trusted review – Easy Way To Publish Fiction

Publishing Books Requires
That You Actually Publish Books

I published my first Kindle Book July 25th 2012.

The first book you publish is the most difficult. But also the most important.

It’s the book that starts it all.

More importantly, it’s THE biggest in your way.

After that everything becomes a lot easier.

It did for me.

Amazon is the biggest game in town.

But even before Kindle I was publishing books.

I’ve published more than 50 books on various platforms using many different pen names.

They’ve all contributed to where I am today.

And they all help me feed my kids and pay my mortgage.

They are important to me.

Either because of what they earn, or what they have taught me.

The biggest lesson perhaps being that it does not have to be difficult.

A few simple steps is all it takes.

Once I learned that, there was no looking back.

It’s Not Rocket Science
Publishing fiction on Kindle is simple.

If you try to make it harder than it is, you’re setting yourself up to fail.

  • Come up with the idea.
  • Outline the story.
  • Write the story.
  • Edit the book.
  • Publish the book.

That’s all there is to it.

Some will say it’s far more complicated than that.

They’d be wrong!

What Kind Of Puzzle
Are You Piecing Together?

A small one or a big one?

You can buy several individual pieces of training that helps you solve one specific problem. That’s a great option if you only need to solve one problem.

However, if you need the full picture it’s not exactly a good way to go about it.

You’re basically puzzle pieces individually hoping they fit together.

Each piece will be cheap. But the number of pieces required makes it expensive real fast.

Then there is the big puzzle option.

There are plenty of big home-study courses costing hundreds or thousands of dollars.

The good ones cover everything you need to know.

I can be a very good investment. But an expensive one.

Kindle Short Reads Mastery”
Your Fiction Publishing Guide

Publishing fiction can be scary.

It doesn’t have to be.

When you discover how simple it really is you’ll be shocked AND relieved.

I created “Kindle Short Reads Mastery” to help you realize just how easy it is.

That you don’t have to spend months before you publish a book.

That you can get started down that path today.

And that you can publish a fiction book this month.

Even if you have never done so before.

I’ve mapped out “Kindle Short Reads Mastery” as a 28-day plan.

It’s a clear and easy to follow step-by-step roadmap anyone can follow. Every day offers a new lesson with a new assignment designed to…

Ensure you finish AND publish a book.

The lessons cover every single thing you have to do to publish a book of fiction on Kindle.

Here is an outline of the lesson plan.

Kindle Short Reads Mastery Lesson Plan

  • Genre Selection
  • Getting Ideas For Your Stories
  • Story Summaries
  • Outlining In 10 Minutes
  • Creating Characters
  • Plotting Scenes For Act 1
  • Plotting Scenes For Act 2
  • Plotting Scenes For Act 3
  • Writing The Opening Scene
  • Writing Act 1 Scene 2 – The Inciting Incident
  • Writing Act 1 Scene 3 – The Point of No Return
  • Writing Act 2 Scene 1
  • Writing Act 2 Scene 2
  • Writing Act 2 Scene 3 – The Midpoint
  • Writing Act 2 Scene 4
  • Writing Act 2 Scene 5
  • Writing Act 2 Scene 6 – Point Of No Return 2
  • Writing Act 3 Scene 1
  • Writing Act 3 Scene 2
  • Writing Act 3 Scene 3 – Resolution
  • Creating Your Cover
  • Editing Your Book
  • Writing The Description For Your Book
  • Finding The Right Keywords For Your Book
  • Publishing Your Book on Amazon
  • Promoting Your Book – Free Promos
  • Promoting Your Book – The Mailing List
  • Creating A Series Of Books

Every day one new lesson is made available to you.

This is done to ensure you don’t accidentally skip an important step.

If you follow the steps and do the assignments you WILL publish a book before the course is completed.

Each lesson will teach you how to perform an important step in the process of publishing a short story.

But the real value is that it provides the shortest path to achieving your goal.

Each lesson can be completed in your spare time. Some can be done in 30 minutes, most will need one or two hours of your time.

You decide how long it takes, but if you follow the steps you WILL publish a book.

That’s power of “Kindle Short Reads Mastery.”

I know it seems impossible at first.

But I also know that anyone is capable of publishing their own work of fiction.

“Kindle Short Reads Mastery” simplifies the process and provides a clear path.

  • You don’t get the frustration of having to figure things out yourself.
  • You will get the peace of mind of knowing when to do what.
  • You won’t have to rearrange YOUR schedule to fit the system in.
  • You will find it EASY to get everything done for you to succeed.
  • You WILL get a book published.
  • Find enjoyment and satisfaction by seeing your book published.
  • You save time not having to wade through hundreds of pages.
  • You won’t ever get frustrated trying to come up with new ideas again.
  • Thrill yourself with the amazing ideas you come up with.
  • No complications and you get to come up with ideas while enjoying yourself.
  • Plotting will never be easier than this.
  • Super-fast plotting will save you hours.
  • You won’t have to worry about knowing the full extent of your plot from the very beginning.
  • No complicated scene structures makes for easy scene development.
  • Easy characterizations even if you have no experience in the matter.
  • The security of using a tried and tested plotting framework.
  • Life becomes easier when you learn how to manage your time.
  • Finally enjoy writing your stories because you’re not stressed out.
  • Earn more royalties by actually finishing your books.
  • Make cover creation super easy.
  • Save a ton of cash on designers.
  • Don’t waste time learning how to use complicated software. (My guide is only a few simple steps)
  • No need for expensive software solutions.

Publishing A Book Is NOT Hard

This isn’t my first rodeo.

I’ve been publishing books on Kindle for the past 6 years. My first book is dated all the way back to the summer of 2012. Even before that I was publishing books.

Kindle made it easier.

I love it when things get easier.

I don’t mind work, but I hate wasting time.

Which is why I always look for the most productive way to do things.

That’s what I’ve been doing for more than 10 years in the publishing books.

I Help Others Do The Same

When I don’t write I teach.

After high-school I wanted to be a teacher. But at the tender age of 22 I wasn’t ready.

Now I am.

When I don’t write and publish I teach at a business school.

I’ll never stop teaching.

For years I’ve been sharing what I know with aspiring publishers like you.

I always recommend keeping things simple.

If you wan’t complex there are other parts of life that provide that.

You CAN Write A Short Story

Can you write a short story?

It’s only natural to doubt yourself.

You can!

Anyone is able to write a short story.

Especially if they follow the “Kindle Short Reads Mastery” plan.

You Can Do It Fast

If you haven’t finished writing a book in the past, a month may sound impossible.

But trust me, you can do it.

With practice you can do it every week…

Or even every day.

I’ve mapped it out as a 28-day process to make sure you don’t stumble and fall of the track along the way.

If you follow the plan 28 days is plenty of time.


It Doesn’t Matter How Fast You Type

At first I want you to write around 500 words a day.

If you’re a slow typist that may terrify you.

The good news is how fast you type is virtually irrelevant.

What’s really holding you back is your brain.

I will teach you how to get past that.

Soon you won’t be able to hold back the words.

Writing fast is about many things.

The least important is how fast you type.

You need to keep things simple.

Remove your doubts.

That’s what matters.

And that’s what I help you do.

Then writing becomes a breeze.


Where Are You Four Weeks From Today?

Are you browsing through the Kindle Store?

Do you see your latest book?

Maybe it’s even in the “Hot New Releases” section.

Let me tell you, seeing that first book online is a moment you’ll remember.

Would you like that?


Imagine Your First Royalties

Imagine checking the KDP reports.

You see a few yellow bars.

Those are royalties.

As you publish more books those numbers grow.

First the bars were short and somewhat rare.

Now they’re there every day, and they’re getting bigger.


Cash Your First Royalty Check

One day you open your mailbox.

There’s a letter from Amazon.

It contains a check.

Your first royalty check.

It’s royalties from your own books.

Take a picture of the check before you cash it.

Make sure you frame it.

It’s a very important check.

It’s proof that you are an author.

That you can sell your stories. That you can make your dream come true.

This is not years down the road.

It can happen this year.

And it all starts with the “Kindle Short Reads Mastery” plan.


Get Something Nice For Yourself

How do you spend the money?

Don’t just let it go into your budget.

Make it something meaningful.

Buy something nice for yourself, your spouse or your family.

This time I recommend spending it on yourself.

You earned it.

You did the work.


How Many Books Have You Published?

How many have you published so far?

50, 10, 5, zero?

How consistently are you able to publish books?

Do you dare ask those questions?

Self-Publishing is hard. You’ve got to deal with everything yourself.

You don’t have the backing of a huge publishing company.

The best way to ensure success as a self-published author is to publish books. And do it consistently.

Then you’ve got a shot at not just the occasional royalty check.

A real income.


What Have You Done So Far?

Have you tried other systems in the past?

How many?

1, 2, a dozen?

Did they get you what you wanted?

If so why are you reading this page then?

Would you be looking for something new if those systems worked?



Start Betting On Success

What about trying something that works?

Not overnight riches.

Real tangible success.

The first step toward your goal is simple.

Publish a book.

Only then can you aim for the next target.

“Kindle Short Reads Mastery” doesn’t promise milk and honey.

But if you apply it you WILL publish a book.


It’s Time To Do Something That Works

You need something you can point to and say, “I did that.”

Preferably with a bit of pride.

“Kindle Short Reads Mastery” can get you there.

From a blank piece of paper to a published book.

When you get to that point how far you can go is in your hands.

I just provide you the tools to get there.

It really is as simple as that.


Are You Ready?

You have a choice to make.

Give up on your dream…

Or make a real step forward.

And reach for the sky.


Publish That Book Already

Do you think you’re ready to publish a book?

Do you want to?

Then be bold.

Finish it.

Publish it.

Are you ready?

What’s holding you back?

Make that final important step.



Publish Your Book
Less Than 28 Days From Now

You really can publish a book less than four weeks.

And after you’ve done it once you can do it much faster.

Significantly faster if you apply yourself.

Then you do it again and again and again…

Your confidence grows.

By then you’re doing it at a pace you didn’t even dare dream of.

In a week, maybe as little as one or two days.

That’s when you can start building an empire.

It all starts with that first book.

It starts with a simple, easy to apply system. One that actively motivates you and pushes you.

That system is “Kindle Short Reads Mastery.”
It really is as simple as that.

Check here:
Kindle Short Reads Mastery by Mike Nielsen trusted review – Easy Way To Publish Fiction

All Sales Are Final
Due to the nature of this offer all sales are final.

P.S. Truly, anyone can publish a book using the “Kindle Short Reads Mastery” system.

P.P.S. Are you ready to take your first step towards becoming a successful publisher? Or are you happy to let your dream go?

P.P.P.S. For what you’re getting the price of this training quite simply insane. This really should be a far more expensive course. However, I want to keep it affordable which is why the introductory price is this low. But, there’s no way I can promise to keep it this low for ever. Take action now while the investment you need to make is still ridiculously tiny.


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