Planner Profits-Templates Bundles Review

Planner Profits-Templates Bundles Review – Create & Sell Your Own Planners in minutes with these brand new, custom created, Royalty-Free templates

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Planner Profits-Templates Bundles Review – Create & Sell Your Own Planners in minutes with these brand new, custom created, Royalty-Free templates

Brand New – Planner Profits-Templates Bundles Created By amber-jalink. ​Did you know, ​December, January and February are the MOST POPULAR time of the year for people to buy calendars and planners? ​I’m sure you already knew these facts – and the blunt truth is, many of those resolutions are along the lines of reaching goals – whether it’s time management improvement, weight loss & fitness goals, (being the most popular), or others. ​But here’s the thing: when you look at the overall graph of the trends, yes of course they spike a little in December/January/February… but they stay pretty consistent ALL YEAR, with additional spikes starting in August again. And while I would have thought a daily planner would have been the most popular, weekly planners are actually more searched for in overall trends.

Planner Profits-Templates Bundles Review

​I’m not going to go into all the pitch, you already KNOW this is a very popular industry. ​People love buying them in different formats – whether it’s printed or downloadable (printables) so they can print themselves. ​​Customers want different approaches – no one planner works for everyone, plus the fun part is – people LOVE when you create niche versions! Think marketing, social media, weight loss, health/healthy habits, blogging, and so many others. ​If you are already selling these, you know the popularity. If you aren’t – but want to – you may be struggling with the time it takes to design these, or figuring out how you want it to look. Today is your lucky day, because amber just made it absolutely easy for you!

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Planner Profits-Templates Bundles Review – Create & Sell Your Own Planners in minutes with these brand new, custom created, Royalty-Free templates

Planner Profits-Templates Bundles Review

You can now get 5 brand new, royalty free planner templates with Personal PLR rights so you can create and sell unlimited planners!

These templates were created to help you:

>> Simply and easily create your planners without the fight of figuring out a design
>> Spur ideas with the layout styles (easily create niche planners)
>> Cut your design time to a minimum so you can publish quickly and repeatedly

They are designed in Microsoft Powerpoint for the most flexibility. For those who don’t have Powerpoint, you can easily open and edit them in free tools such as OpenOffice or LibreOffice. (Note: we don’t support these simply because we don’t use them, but as I understand it they are just as easy to use).

But what do the templates look like? Here you go!

Planner Profits-Templates Bundles Review

​Each template is set for the standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper, however you can adjust it to whatever size you prefer.
There are so many ideas you can create here, including implementing a combination of planners WITH journals. Think out of the box ideas as well, with different niches such as motivational logs, pet diaries, affiliate tracking journals etc.


  • You can create endless planners/journals for yourself
  • Create planners and journals and sell them on Createspace/Amazon, Etsy, or any other marketplace you wish. There are NO limits on how many you can create or sell, and there are NO royalties to pay!
  • YES you can give the COMPLETED planners away as you please (i.e., gifts, bonuses etc).
  • YES you can sell the *completed* Planners and journals that you have designed even as a digital PDF (printable), but NOT the powerpoint file.


  • You MUST NOT post them on blackhat or file sharing sites
  • ​You MUST NOT give these templates away as bonuses or Freebies
  • You MUST NOT sell these templates as is in any way without significant changes (not just to words, but to the entire layouts).
  • You MUST NOT create “fiverr gigs” or any similar service to create and sell these for others


Planner Profits-Templates Bundles Product Funnel :

There are 2 additional offers that include “done for you” complete year planners (2 different concepts), and a Developer license option. They are all inexpensive, and complimentary to speed up your time – but not required.
There are NO downsells. (The only offer you will see at any “yes” or “no” is the developer option – it’s not a downsell.)

Why you SHould Buy it :

​​Just think of how many interesting planners you could create with these templates – and how quickly. If you have the ideas in mind, it’s literally just a matter of changing the text, replicating to the number of pages you want, adding dates (or removing), and publishing wherever you want!
Obviously they take a bit more time than regular journals (unless you leave them undated for people to fill in their own – which some love), but to customize and date these, create your own cover, etc. should take an hour (or maybe less!). ​Now obviously I cannot promise how much money you can make from these. It’s entirely up to you to implement and create your products, and put them up for sale. But with these templates, amber made it super simple for you to create and publish, without the hassle of the design part of the layouts. so what are you waiting for? Grab Planner Profits-Templates Bundles Fast!!

Check Here :
Planner Profits-Templates Bundles Review – Create & Sell Your Own Planners in minutes with these brand new, custom created, Royalty-Free templates

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  • Planner Profits – Done For You OTO 1 Value ($27.00)
  • Planner Profits – Developer License Value ($27.00)
  • Planner Profits – Done For You OTO 2 Value ($47.00)

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