Prosperative Online Business Coaching Review ( – Say Goodbye To Your Boss, Because I’m Giving You The Training You Need to QUIT YOUR JOB!

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Prosperative Online Business Coaching Review ( – Say Goodbye To Your Boss, Because I’m Giving You The Training You Need to QUIT YOUR JOB!

Brand New – Prosperative Online Business Coaching – Created By Jonathan Leger, I Believe In YOU! I know you’re trying, and you’re trying hard. You don’t lack the motivation, or you wouldn’t be watching this. You’re not afraid of hard work — you’ve been working hard at this for along time. You don’t need another “Guru” to sell you some overpriced “method” or “secret formula”. You need ME to help YOU!
=> What you need is the helping hand of someone who has learned the hard way what it takes to succeed.
=> What you need is somebody to walk you through each step in the process of creating a successful business online.
=> What you need is somebody to ask questions to when you don’t understand something or run up against a roadblock that you just can’t seem to get by on your own
What you need is me!
I sent out an email to my list some time go, offering to give anyone who wanted to email me some free advice. Ask me your questions, I said, and I’ll do my best to help you. I was amazed at the hundreds of responses I got, and at how much they all sounded the same!. They wanted to succeed. They were willing to work. They weren’t lazy. They weren’t stupid. They just needed some guidance, some help, someone to ask questions to. And they didn’t have a lot of money to spend on that help.

This Training is Affordable.
Seriously! If you had thousands of dollars to spend on these gurus’ “secret formulas”, you wouldn’t need their help!
That is why I created I want to help people to succeed, just like I have been able to succeed.
I want you to have the freedom of time and movement that I have.
I want you to be free of the stress of wondering how you’re going to pay the bills.
I want you to spend weeks in Paris or London or Rome or Hawaii or wherever it is you would rather be — seeing the sights in the daytime, and checking on your business at night.
If that’s what you want — and I know it is — then sign up as a member of

Prosperative Online Business Coaching Review – Here’s Testimonial :

“My total for this month is just under $8000. I have made a few small changes and the results have been huge. I have been inspired to start an email subscriber list, add new affiliate campaigns, and expand my horizons, I guess you could say. While I am super excited, I have a lot more to learn. Just wanted to thank Jon and his forum for giving me the kick I really needed.”– Tim Ehrenkaufer

“I have a bachelor’s degree in business with a major in marketing. In all of my years of study, I have never seen a straight forward formula for promotional success like yours. LearnFromJon is a great value!” –– Terry Elguera

“You are providing people with real confidence to succeed online. It’s almost to the point where you have to succeed because of the tools, guidance and community you’ve made at Big, big props to you for investing this much effort and resources into making this so awesome. I will never leave this group. Thanks much”-– Ron Leger

Prosperative Online Business Coaching Review – How it Work ?

It’s super affordable, and it will give you access to our members area where me and my senior staff will teach you every step you need to take to reach your success.
And when you don’t understand something about what we teach you, you can ask me and my very experienced senior staff.
You can ask questions on the forum so that everyone can benefit from the answers, or if it’s something you need to discuss privately with us, you can email us.
This is true one-on-one, hand-holding support and training.
Your success still depends on what you do, but it starts with knowing what to do, and how to do it.

Prosperative Online Business Coaching Review – Bonus :

  • The Best Spinner*
    The world’s best content spinner hands down. $47/year
  • Article Builder*
    Instantly generates high quality, highly unique articles in 143 categories. $197/year
  • Keyword Canine*
    The ultimate keyword and SEO analysis tool. $197/year
  • Instant Article Wizard*
    Automates the creation of unique and currated content in minutes. $47/year
  • Keyword Snatcher*
    Generates thousands of keywords that other webmasters overlook because they only use Google’s keyword tool. $47
  • Answer Analyst*
    An advanced content creation and curation tool. $97
  • Web Data Parser*
    Allows you to scrape data from virtually any table of any web site with a few clicks. $67
  • Instant Article Factory*
    Crank out high quality articles in under 5 minutes with this article writing power tool. $77/year
  • Jiffy Articles*
    Write 500 word articles in as little as 5 minutes. $127/year
  • Content Ferret*
    Research content for your articles in seconds. $77/year
  • Money Site Trainer
    Watch and Replicate a 6-Figure,10-Year IM Veteran’s Winning Money Site Formula! $97
  • Exclusive! Facebook Squeeze Page Templates
    Use these Facebook squeeze page templates to build a list in any niche through Facebook ads. For our members ONLY! $97
  • Exclusive! Google Competition Analysis Sheet
    Our SEO “cheat sheet” for determining how hard it will be to rank for any keywords. $37
  • Pre-Selling Secrets
    Learn The Secrets That Earned Me $20,581.92 From ONE Affiliate Promotion Of A Seventy-Seven Dollar Product! $7
  • 70 Royalty-Free Music Tracks
    716mb of royalty-free music tracks for you to use in your videos and other promotional material. $97
  • 133mb of Background Images
    A wealth of high quality backgrounds for you to use in your videos and other promotional material. $97
  • Marketing Graphics Collection
    Add To Cart buttons, attention-drawing images, guarantee badges and hand drawn doodles for use on your website and other promotional material. $97
  • Video Clips Collection
    159mb of background motion video clips to really jazz up your video presentations. $97
  • Professional eBook Cover Maker
    Create professional covers for all of your digital products with ease. $120/year
  • Professional Infographics Maker
    Create eye-popping infographics for marketing your products and services. $97

Prosperative Online Business Coaching Review – Exclusive Tools :

=>Social Multiplier
This Pinterest automating tool is generating HUNDREDS of visitors a day for some of our members, resulting in sales and advertising revenue–on auto-pilot!
Social Multiplier automates gaining laser-targeted followers and posting images to your Pinterest accounts.
This tool is worth HUNDREDS of dollars, but you can’t buy it ANYWHERE — you can only get it as a free bonus if you’re a member of LearnFromJon.

=>Instant Face Traffic
A powerful, FREE way to generate targeted traffic to your web sites is by joining and posting to Facebook groups in your niche.
Instant Face Traffic automates the finding, joining and posting to these groups, making it EASY and FAST to promote your products and services.
This tool is worth HUNDREDS of dollars, but you can’t buy it ANYWHERE — you can only get it as a free bonus if you’re a member of LearnFromJon.

=>Contact Scraper
Another exclusive tool only for LearnFromJon members is Contact Scraper.
This powerful tool scours the web and finds contact information from up to ONE THOUSAND website owners (email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook Fan Pages and more). You can email ALL of those people from inside the tool, building valuable business relationships.
Also worth HUNDREDS of dollars, but only available to members.

The most powerful autoresponder system on the market is available only to members as a free bonus!
This incredible tool takes email list management to the next level. Powerful features like contact tagging, conversion tracking and extreme filtering features make it THE next-generation list management system. It’s the one personally used by Jonathan Leger to manage his large list of email contacts and prospects.
Worth a MINIMUM of $250 a year, but only available to members at no cost.

Prosperative Online Business Coaching Review – Special Bonus :

$1,500 in Super Spun Articles!

What is a Super Spun Article you ask? It is an article in spin-formatted text that is created by having one SUPER high quality article written, and then having that article rewritten TWENTY FIVE TIMES with the same “thought structure”.
Those 25 articles are then put together thought-by-thought into one HUGE Super Spun Article. These documents are capable of producing TENS OF THOUSANDS (even hundreds of thousands) of HIGHLY unique articles (90% unique or more).
To have just ONE of these created costs $150 or more, and we’re giving you TEN of them for FREE with your membership to LearnFromJon. That’s $750 worth of content — FREE. The topics covered are:

  • Weight Loss
  • Home Improvement
  • Internet Marketing
  • Travel
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Fitness
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Personal Finance
  • Blogging

In addition to those, we ALSO give you ten MORE documents. These are the Super Spun Articles AFTER they’ve been run through The Best Spinner for phrase-only spinning. For those times you need EXTREME uniqueness (95% or more), the additional documents are JUST what the Spin Doctor ordered.
Start your content creation off RIGHT with these incredible documents. All yours, all free with your membership.

1.7 GIGABYTES Of High Quality Reusable Images!

Content is certainly KING, but Google (and website visitors) want to see pages that are media-rich — and that means you need to add images to the pages of your website! And not just any images: high quality images!
That’s why we’ve decided to include a special bonus pack of more than ONE THOUSAND REUSABLE IMAGES — absolutely free. This package is worth HUNDREDS of dollars, but you get it free with your purchase.
The images are high resolution images, but also come pre-sized for your convenience. In addition to the high resolution size, you also get the images in 800, 400, 200 and 100 pixels wide.
Between the Super Spun Articles bonus and these high quality graphics you’ll soon be a content-producing POWERHOUSE!

$249+ In EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS For All Members

  • Niche Jet Authority Sites
    QUALITY Websites that Make you an Authority from Day 1, complete with a private web 2.0 network! $150
  • Niche Jet
    high-quality, optimized done-for-you websites in over 100+ niches! These sites are ready to profit from day one and we even get you started with a link building campaign! $50
  • Post Amplifier
    Just install a simple plugin, enter a few details and PostAmplifier will post your new content to authority sites, resulting in solid, one-way links and instant, high-quality traffic! up to $49

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