Rapid Puzzle Book Domination By sharpturn Review + Huge Bonus

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Rapid Puzzle Book Domination By sharpturn Review + Huge Bonus

Best Seller – Rapid Puzzle Book Domination – Created By sharpturn, This is great news for the obsessive Sudoku fan who ONLY wants Sudoku books. Or the Crossword nut who likes to challenge his/her mind every day. But what about the millions of people who just like to solve different style puzzles each time? What about the people who like to solve a VARIETY of puzzles depending on what they are in the mood for? This is where YOU come in! Using what you learned in this Rapid Puzzle Book Domination course you will be able to create and sell those very books that are IN HIGH-DEMAND
These are VARIETY PUZZLE BOOKS and the fact that customers can purchase one book filled with a mixed bag of puzzles is VERY APPEALING!. The puzzle book niche is MASSIVE and yet it is not that difficult to break into for the first time! I will show you how YOU CAN PROFIT from this high demand market craze by publishing TOP QUALITY, PROFESSIONAL Variety Puzzle Books using an awesome free software tool!. Rapid Puzzle Book Domination Include :61 page Rapid Puzzle Book Domination PDF Comes with 9 tutorial videos,templates & 3 additional PDF tutorials. The Rapid Puzzle Book Domination course ALSO shows you step by step how to BUILD your business from ZERO to HERO in a flash!

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Rapid Puzzle Book Domination By sharpturn Review – This is Perfect If :

  • You want to build an income “safety net” while you continue with your day job. Lots of people enjoy their day job but love the idea of earning via other income sources. This is the perfect model.
  • You like the sound of creating your own online puzzle book empire and want that steady flow of cash each and every month. Publishing and particularly puzzle book publishing is one of the top passive income models online.
  • You are sick and tired of struggling financially even after all the hours you put into your work. That can be solved because this method DOES produce PROFITS!
  • You are thinking “I can’t do this” “I can’t write” “I’m not an author” “I hated English”. Then you and my course will get on famously because none of those things matter in this course.
  • You are looking for an online business WITHOUT a steep learning curve. This course is set out in such an easy to follow manner that you could begin creating a book immediately after reading!
  • You do not have any upfront money to invest in a startup online business. Not a problem here because you don’t have to invest a dime!
  • You don’t want to be playing around with websites, email lists, technical stuff and anything else that involves hours of learning and practice. You don’t need to worry…none of those things are the focus of this course.
  • You are someone who already has self-published books and wants to try something a little different and much less taxing on the mind!
  • You should find this method super easy and a fantastic addition to your online book business.

Rapid Puzzle Book Domination By sharpturn Review – What You’ll Get Inside :

  • You will receive my 61 page, step by step instruction manual that takes you by the hand and walks you through this amazing variety puzzle book creation process in 5 easy to understand steps! The instructions are direct and laid out in such a way to make the whole process as easy as possible to follow and understand. Very newbie friendly!
  • 3 different sized puzzle book templates that are fully formatted and ready to use. Just copy and paste into them.
  • 9 short specially created videos to help you follow along with the course.
  • 24 page, fully detailed Author Central PDF that guides you through the process of creating your book profile, adding pen names, updating listings, tracking sales, tracking customer reviews and generally improving your chances of increasing book sales.
  • 32 page, fully detailed Createspace Tutorial that shows you how to upload and publish a book with ease. The guide also shows you how you can create your book covers for free!

Rapid Puzzle Book Domination By sharpturn Review – What You’ll Learn Inside :

  • I show you why variety puzzle books are so popular with a large demographic including people of all ages from children to the elderly.
  • I will reveal the amazing FREE puzzle generation tool that will be used to create your very own unique puzzles at a push of a button. This puzzle generator truly is an amazing find and will help you to churn out a lot of variety puzzle books which in turn will gradually trickle in residual royalties…WHILE YOU SLEEP!
  • You will be able to create fully completed, quality, variety puzzle books in a matter of a few hours. It gets easier and faster as you become more accustomed to the method.
  • Using images, text instructions and videos, I show you how to create your book in the simplest way possible. This really is as simple as copying and pasting into your book documents. All book templates are provided in the course. They are ready formatted…so you don’t have to worry about “setting up” your book documents.
  • you will learn how to create great looking book covers, in a matter of minutes, for FREE…NO SKILL NEEDED!
  • I show you in detail, the uploading and publishing process. You will use a free online publisher that will create, list, print and distribute your variety puzzle books. There is ZERO cost to you! You get to enjoy the profits!

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Rapid Puzzle Book Domination By sharpturn Review – Bonus :


A 33 page Powerful Book Promotion method that many self-publishers do not know about
In this valuable FREE bonus, you’ll learn how you can leverage the book previews option in Createspace to promote all your books and brands without paying a cent.
I show you how to set up your book’s front and back matter to create the ultimate lead magnet that in turn will bring in more sales….on autopilot!
[You also get an example book /lead magnet template that you can edit to create your own promotional ads]

This pack has 75 fully completed, high quality puzzle images that have been generated and specially cropped and converted to be pasted directly into your books.
This will speed up the book creation process in the early stages while you are getting to grips with the course. The puzzle images are generated from 15 different types of puzzles to add a lot of variety to your puzzle books.

==>Check it out : Rapid Puzzle Book Domination By sharpturn Review + Huge Bonus <==

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