Social Traffic Jacker By Anthony Hayes Review – Finally, A Traffic Jacking System That Creates 100% Automated “Run Forever” Targeted Traffic Campaigns With Your Call To Action On Every Link!

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Social Traffic Jacker By Anthony Hayes Review – Finally, A Traffic Jacking System That Creates 100% Automated “Run Forever” Targeted Traffic Campaigns With Your Call To Action On Every Link!

Brand New – Social Traffic Jacker By Anthony Hayes, Social Traffic Jacker is a fantastic Social Traffic tool that automates targeted traffic campaigns that run forever!…With this tool your customers can expect 100% automated list building, social growth, leads and sales! And that’s not an exaggeration and if you take a few minutes to review the demo video you will see exactly how this is possible. Social Traffic Jacker By Anthony Hayes uses RSS feeds so that it can run on Autopilot. That means you can grab an RSS feed from top authority sites and blogs in any niche and when they publish new content Then you are sharing a link to that content within minutes with YOUR call to action on the page. Traffic Jacking is a tried, tested and proven system to take advantage and piggyback on the popularity of authority sites and their copywriting skills for generating great headlines. But now it can be completely automated. In fact all you need to do is add up to 4 CTA’ to rotate and split test then tweak and optimize your campaigns with real traffic data. Once your happy with your split testing then you can let your traffic campaigns run forever! Seriously, its that simple its brilliant!

Social Traffic Jacker Review – Overview :

  • Vendor: Andrew Darius et al
  • Product: SocialTrafficJacker
  • Launch Date: 2017-Jun-06
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $27-$47
  • Niche: Software

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Social Traffic Jacker Review – Here’s What You’ll Learn On The Day …

  • Identifying Great Content To Share On Social Media That Attracts Clicks, Is Immediately Recognizable & Trustworthy, And Provides Opportunities For Converting High Value Traffic.
  • How To Identify Lead Magnets That Are Irresistible For The Audience You’re Targeting In Minutes.
  • How & Where To Create A Lead Bait Offer Fast & Low Cost With “Perceived” High Value.
  • How To Set Up A Highly Targeted Traffic Campaign In Less Than 3 Minutes With Rotating CTA’s For Split Testing
  • Using REAL Data To Analyze, Tweak & Optimize Your Traffic Campaigns For Highest Conversions & Let Them Run Forever!

Social Traffic Jacker Review – Features :

  • Targeted Traffic
    Every niche has authority sites and influencers, and by sharing the very best content from that niche all on 100% autopilot you can laser target your audience without being spammy.
  • Dynamic Split Testing System
    Each campaign has a CTA (unless you want to post without using a CTA which is possible too. For each CTA thats being shared you can split test up to 4 CTA’s in rotation to determine which is converting best
  • Conversion Tracking System
    The conversion tracking system will let you see which CTA’ are converting, types of CTA’s any audience prefers and enables you to refine, tweak and optimize your offers so that the campaigns run forever & are optimized for conversions
  • Set & Forget Campaigns
    Campaigns when set up will keep running unless you choose to set a an end date to them. Its a super fast set up too.
  • Campaigns Run Forever
    When choosing an RSS feed for content from authority sites to be shared, whenever that site publishes a new post the tool kicks in and posts within minutes, which means campaigns will run as long as that site keeps posting content regularly
  • Multiple CTA’s Per Campaign
    AS well as being able to split test up to 4 CTA’s per campaign. We recently added ability to have two CTA’s appear on any shared link by time on page, scroll, exit intent and more
  • Amazon Affiliate Campaigns
    Search amazon by category, keyword or even latest products and choose which products to add as a CTA to post into social accounts in ratation all on autopilot!
  • Facebook Group & Page Search
    East to use tool that helps find Facebook pages and groups to join.
  • Unlimited Accounts Per Campaign
    This is what sets Social Traffic jackaer apart from other tools, as well as automated content syndication, users can add unlimited social accounts to each campaign
  • High Converting Templates
    The CTA is everything with traffic jacking and we have ensured that we have the highest converting options from full page squeeze splash pages to banners, options and video popups and many more!
  • Post To 6 Social Sites
    Social Traffic Jacker Works with Facebook Groups & Pages, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Linkedin & Pinterest
  • Unlimited Social Accounts
    There are no limitations on the amount of accounts you can add for each site and we have 2 click app authorization as well as a back up manual api solution for adding accounts

What Makes It Different From Other Traffic Jacking Tools?

  • The major difference is that it uses RSS feeds from any site, youtube channel or any RSS feed at all to trigger social shares.
  • Ideally this is done using Authority sites or Influencers blogs in your targeted niche.
  • When a new post is made by the authority site it is being shared by Social Traffic Jacker within minutes
  • Social Traffic Jacker has analytics data down to each individual CTA level for each campaign.
  • When you’re happy with split testing results the campaigns can be left alone to run forever!
  • If you to want to just auto post without a CTA for some campaigns this can be done by simply not adding any CTA in campaign
  • settings, this will create a campaign for simply sharing quality content within minutes of being posted

What Type OF CTA’s Can Be Used?

  • Full Page Optin Splash Pages
  • Traditional Optin Popups
  • Banner Ads
  • Video Popups With CTA
  • Any Type Of Image CTA
  • This is for every type of marketer, from local consultants, affiliates, amazon affiliates, product creators, CPA marketers & More

How Can It Be Used To Build Business Growth?

Think about the opportunities here using FREE Traffic…
With everything running on 100% autopilot after split testing, tweaking and optimizing campaigns you can have…

  • 100% Automated List Building
  • 100% Automated Social Growth100% Automated Service To Offer Clients
  • 100% Automated Lead Generation
  • 100% Automated Retargeting Audience Growth
  • 100% Automated Affiliate Commissions
  • 100% Automated Amazon Affiliate Campaigns
  • 100% Automated Sales

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Social Traffic Jacker Review – Bonus :

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Social Traffic Jacker Review – Testimonial :

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