WP Freshstart 4.0 by Ankur Shukla review – Get This #1 Plugin for WP AutomationDoes 30 Minutes of Boring WordPress Tasks in 30 Seconds, Fully Automatically! Click, Click & DONE!

By | October 24, 2017

WP Freshstart 4.0 by Ankur Shukla review – Get This #1 Plugin for WP AutomationDoes 30 Minutes of Boring WordPress Tasks in 30 Seconds, Fully Automatically! Click, Click & DONE!

Brand New – Ankur Shukla has announced the launch of WP FRESHSTART, a new software that helps to automate a number of WordPress features. It can help business owners to take their site to the next level, improve their online presence, and ultimately increase sales through effective, engaging content. WP Fresh Start 4.0 is really easy to use because it is a real newbie friendly. You only need to do three simple steps. The first step you can do is to download the WP Fresh Start 4.0 plugin. Then, you can upload it to your site and activate it. The last thing you need to do is to select the tasks you want done and click save. Your task will be done automatically within seconds using this plugin software. You don’t need to do the hard work because this plugin will do it for you. You can just sit back and look your task done. In just one single click you will see your old bloated, good for nothing site will be turned into a fresh, new wordpress blog that will feel like you just installed a new wordpress on it but without having to re-install WP all over again. All you need is simply following these three simple steps. The first step is you can click the InstaReset inside this WP Fresh Start 4.0 plugin. The next is you can choose the type and confirm it and hit the run button. Without taking a long time, your site will be as good as new site. This gives you a super easy fix to reset any WordPress site to its original state. Now, you can easily set the title, tagline and even admin email using this WP Fresh Start 4.0. You can also instantly create your content pages like about us, contact us, html sitemap and others. You can delete all the sample post, pages, and custom post types quickly with WP Fresh Start 4.0. With this WP Fresh Start 4.0 you can easily insert sample content or demo content which like 5 post and 5 pages with various content. Not only deleting the comment, but you can also easily disable the comment for every post type. This will make you easy to avoid spam comment in your post. You can also add dummy placeholders for images which is the images are available in the media gallery so you just need to choose the one that you like. This new version is also allowing you to make website accessible to registered users only, so you can protect your site and content and you are also able to make your list. You can easily install your own plugins from URL. No need to make such a big effort because it will make you easy to create your plugins.

This WP Fresh Start 4.0 is really something great, with this plugin you can create amazing and beautiful WordPress in only ten seconds. You only need to make one click and everything is ready for you. You don’t need to take a long time to create your WordPress plugin, now you will only need 30 seconds to get everything. You are able to create as many Google sites as you wish within seconds using this new WP Fresh Start 4.0. Even if you don’t have any experience or tech skill, you can use this software easily because it is designed for even newbie users. Now, every single time you setup a new wordpress site, you have not to get your hands dirty with boring grunt work. Use this software and you can easily to delete all the default posts and comments, or simply remove all the sample pages, have the right SEO settings so your site shows up in Google, create all the categories, posts and pages you need on your new site, install the important plugins you need to have on the site, and even add important things like affiliate disclaimers, amazon disclaimers, copyright pages and many more. You can do it all in one within seconds with WP Fresh Start 4.0. Forget about all your struggling, because today you have this new high end tech software that will allow you to set up your WordPress plugin only within seconds. On average it takes them 30 minutes to finish all these tasks one by one, but now you can do it in 30 seconds. Now only creating your WordPress plugin, you are also able to create any Amazon niche sites, Facebook, Offline or local business sites, Adsense niche sites, Affiliate review sites, and even your own sites. There is no limitation for you to create any kind of sites that you want to. Just click one button and have your site completely set up and ready for the search engines. You will have the most powerful WP plugin and you can ten times faster than your competitors. You can get a lot of benefit and ease with this WP Fresh Start 4.0. now, you don’t need to do every small task manually over and over again. No more making HUGE investments into your sites for spending your time and money to create your sites. No more crazy, time-consuming manual WordPress labor. Never again you will have to do boring, repetitive grunt work tasks ever again because you have WP Fresh Start 4.0 with you.

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WP Freshstart 4.0 WordPress Automation Software by Ankur Shukla Features :
– Set your site title/tagline/admin e-mail
– Delete all sample posts/pages/custom post types
– Create content pages (about us, contact us, html sitemap)
– Create multiple blank pages & posts
– Create must have legal pages, affiliate/disclaimer pages.
– Show cookie policy warning / EU cookie policy
– Create multiple categories / tags instantly
– Insert sample content/demo content (5 posts, 5 pages, with varied content)
– Delete all comments from your site
– Stop comment e-mail notifications
– Disable comments (per post type)
– Add dummy placeholders for images (available in media gallery)
– Add dummy text – lorem ipsum content via editor
– Show under construction page for your site
– Make website accessible to registered users only
– Plugins : Install your own plugins from url
– Plugins : Install recommended plugins – category-wise one click install
– Security : Disable mouse right click
– Security : Disable text selection
– Security : Disable image copying & hotlinking
– SEO : Change permalinks to /post-name/
– SEO : Create xml sitemap
– SEO : Enable/Disable Search engines from indexing page/post/site
– SEO : Create robots.txt
– Add footer / header code (analytics, fb pixel, webmaster tools, custom header/footer)
– Add footer copyright text (site name + year)
– Hide post meta (author/date) to make your site cleaner
– Add custom css/js code to all site posts/pages
– Change email from (name+email) for emails from WP
– INSTA-RESET : Instantly reset your WP site to a fresh wordpress install.

WP Freshstart 4.0 WordPress Automation Software by Ankur Shukla Main Features :
– Simple 1-Click Plugin for WordPress Automation
– Does 20+ Tasks in just 1-Click like these…
– Delete default posts & pages instantly.
– Set Permalinks to SEO Friendly Post-Name
– Turn off Comment Notifications via email
– Create Must-Have pages + Legal Pages for your site.
– Create affiliate disclaimer pages for multiple sites.
– Create Categories & new posts/pages you want.
– Install multiple plugins you require…at once.
– Reset Your Entire site in 1-Click
– Clean up all the default posts, pages and comments
– Configure must have WordPress generate settings.
– Make your Site Google SEO Friendly
– Create must have pages like about us, contact us, privacy policy etc.
– Adding important pages such as affiliate, amazon and earnings disclaimers.
– Adding pages like Anti Spam, DMCA & Copyright Notice.
– Install multiple PLUGINS at once that every site needs.
Create unlimited blank pages, posts and categories.

NEW FEATURES in v4.0 :
– Install Recommended Plugins by Niche
– Insert Lorem Ipsum content into your posts/pages.
– Add dummy images into various parts of your site.
– Disable copying of site content & protect content.
– Block hotlinking of images from external sources.
– Create Robots.txt & Sitemap.xml for SEO
– Add Google Analytics & FB Pixel to your site instantly.
– Show under construction page & allow logged in users to view the site.
– Enable/Disable site indexing by search engines
– Set Blog Title / Tagline in 1-Click.
– Add copyright text + date at the bottom of all pages.
– Add EU Cookie notice to your site

WP Freshstart 4.0 Bonuses :
– FAST ACTION BONUS #1 – WP Email Countdown Plugin – $47 Value – This special BONUS plugin will let you insert LIVE active countdown timers inside emails to increase scarcity and make your people take action.
– FAST ACTION BONUS #2 – WP Maximize Tube Plugin – $47 Value – This amazing wordpress plugin lets you super easily monetize Youtube videos in a completely unique way. Add content and make easy profit using 100s of Youtube videos.

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WP Freshstart 4.0 Perfect for anyone creating:
– Amazon niche sites
– Facebook niche sites
– Offline/local business sites
– Adsense niche sites
– Affiliate review sites
– Sites for your own products
– Really…The sky is the limit

WP Freshstart 4.0 Simple Steps :
– Step #1: Download the WP Freshstart 4.0 plugin.
– Step #2: Upload to your Site and Activate it.
– Step #3: Select the tasks you want done and click SAVE.

Watch Video Demo Below :

Here’s Product Funnel OTO or Upsell :
Front End Product – WP Freshstart 4.0 WordPress Automation Software by Ankur Shukla

OTO #1 – WP Freshstart 4.0 PRO Version Upgrade OTO
This Upsell WP Freshstart 4.0 PRO Version Upgrade OTO give you upgrade PRO Content Features, PRO Security Features, PRO SEO Features, PRO Social Features , and PRO Branding Features For Your Site. Now You Can do 10 TIMES MORE with WP Freshstart 4.0….No Single Plugin Can Do ALL THESE THINGS FOR YOU…
WP Freshstart 4.0 PRO Version Upgrade Features :
PRO Content Features:
– Use Facebook comments instead of normal WP comments
– Lazy load images & make your site load faster
– Automatically optimize images on upload to save space
– Add your site watermark to your images (brand your images)
– Add 600+ Google Fonts to your site, use them anywhere
– Auto Upload images to IMGUR Cloud, save space & increase speed
PRO Security Features:
– Block spam automatically (stops spammers from leaving comments on your site)
– Limit number of user logins per hour (prevent brute force attacks)
– Hide WordPress (rename plugins, theme, wp-content, wp-uploads, wp-includes paths)
– Safeguard WordPress – Change login url from wp-login.php to anything you want
– One Click DATABASE backup for your entire WP site
PRO SEO Features:
– Redirect 404 Not Found Errors to Home Page
– Improve Local Business SEO: add Local business metadata according to schema.org
– Add google translate button to 1-Click translate your site to another language
– Show related posts after each post automatically for better crosslinking & traffic.
– Load Site Faster & rank higher using GZIP in your site code for faster loading
PRO Branding Features For Your Site:
– Change admin header (logo)
– Change admin footer (Remove references to wp)
– Rename and disable admin menus for users etc.
– Admin dashboard : add custom title/text, hide dashboard widgets
– Admin bar settings : Hide admin bar, Customize logo etc.
– Customize login page (background color, background image, logo image, logo url, form text, button colors etc)
PRO Social Features :
– Add social sharing buttons to your content
– Add social metadata for facebook/twitter
– Automatically share posts to Facebook and Twitter for auto social media traffic.
– Add hover pin button for images for Pinterest traffic.
Other Special PRO Features :
– Minimize js/css code automatically for all pages
– Show scroll to top button for better navigation
– Use Google cdn libraries for popular JS files
– One-Click to clean/optimize WP database for better security & speed.

OTO #2 – WP Freshstart 4.0 Site Booster Upgrade OTO
Here’s How You Can INSTANTLY BOOST All Your Sites & Make Google, Bing & Yahoo NOTICE & Rank Them Quickly…
– Launch a new site with WP Freshstart 4.0.
– Then Give it a quick boost with Simple Site Booster.
– And your site will be on it’s way to ranking in Google.

OTO #3 – WP Freshstart 4.0 Developer License Upgrade OTO
Ankur Will Show You How You Can MAKE $500-$1000 Using WP FRESHSTART 4.0 within the next 30 days… With this Developers License, you will be allowed to install and use this plugin on UNLIMITED CLIENT SITES. Imagine how impressed your clients will be when you show them this plugin in action. OR when you can save hours of time on client work by simply installing this plugin on their site. Imagine being able to charge $47 to $97 for things that this plugin can do in 10 seconds. Imagine installing this amazing plugin on all your client sites and charging them $97 for it… They will be happy to pay once they see how super simple and easy to use this plugin is. Go grab the developers license now and you can FLIP unlimited sites with this plugin added. Sites always become MORE VALUABLE when you install premium plugins on them and sell them. That’s why getting Developers rights is very important and extremely profitable for you. With just 1 sale or 1 client deal you can make a 300% profit on what you spend today.
WP Freshstart 4.0 Developer License Upgrade OTO Features :
– Get the DEVELOPERS LICENSE to WP Freshstart 4.0
– Use WP FRESHSTART 4.0 Plugin on UNLIMITED client sites
– Charge any amount to your clients for this plugins
– Use this plugin on SITES you want to sell and then FLIP SITES with the plugin installed. Get paid more!
– DEVELOPERS LICENSE to Simple Site BOOSTER (if you already purchased the Booster, this will upgrade your license to Developer!
– DEVELOPERS LICENSE to WP FRESHSTART 4.0 PRO VERSION (if you already purchased the PRO Version Personal License, this will upgrade your license to Developer!

OTO #4 – WP Freshstart 4.0 Reseller Rights License Upgrade
Now you can Sell UNLIMITED Copies of WP FRESHSTART 4.0: Onetime Payment Of $77.03
Now You Can SELL WP Freshstart 4.0 to anyone you want & KEEP 100% of the PROFITS for yourself… We’ve decided to do something we have NEVER done before and you need to pay close attention. We’ve decided to LET YOU SELL WP Freshstart 4.0 and keep 100% profits to yourself.

Testimonial :

“Track record, it all comes down to track record with my selection process of vendors I choose to do business with. I have bought these softwares from Ankur Shukla – EmailFindr Lifetime – FAN MARKETER Pro upgrade – YourProfitStore – Unlimited Sites – WP Tag Machine – Backup Beast. I am a veteran of the IM space and I do not buy from 99% of all the several hundred emails I get daily. I do buy from Ankur Shukla over and again because the products and the tech he provides is relevant, and functionally a problem solver…. bottom line” – Keith Richard

“Speechless! Another amazing tool from Ankur. Once again you have made building, securing and making a website legal so easy to do. Looking forward to adding these new features to my websites. Great and essential plugin for all users especially newbies.” – Eugene Maxey

“I’ve been using Freshstart since it was introduced back in January of 2015. It has saved me not just hours but literally days of accumulated time setting up the over 100+ WordPress sites I currently run. Even as a WordPress “expert” who has setting up a new install down to about 6-7 minutes, WP FRESHSTART 4.0 plugin has been a God Send, especially in that now I can’t accidentally forget to do something. With the new features this is one software release I’ll be standing in line for. Any upgrade “discounts” for us current users Ankur? (wink, wink, nudge, nudge…)” – Jeff Penchoff, Manager of Software Development at Asset Systems Inc.

“Life changing for all eCommerce and internet marketers. This premier automation software will take all who have it and use it, to the next level. WP FRESHSTART 4.0 is a must have!” – Brian Dykstra, Licenesed Loan Officer/Enterpreneur at Self-Employed

“WOW! The new WP Freshstart 4.0 is going to make it so much easier to deliver more value to my customers and that means they’re going to love me that much more. It also means that I’m going make a lot more money…and have to work a lot less to truly earn it. Thank you, Ankur and the entire Freshstart team!” – Carl Galletti

Conclusion :

Wp Fresh start 4.0 is really great software for anyone looking for an ease to create a plugin and hate to work long hours. This WP Fresh Start 4.0 also works for any type of site such as Amazon niche sites, Facebook sites, offline/local business sites, Adsense sites, affiliate review sites, sites for your own products, etc. Literally all you have to do is select a few options and then click one button and Wp Fresh start 4.0 will go to work for you. And just in case you run into any problems, there is step by step training videos to guide you every step of the way. So, if you are still confused what to do, you can watch the video because it will really help you. It will show the exact step by step to make your plugin. This software will also offer you with the OTO or even upsells. Just like any upsell, these purchases are optional but they definitely help take things to the next level. In this software, you will also get a license. For this offer for WP Fresh Start 4.0, you’re getting personal use rights only. This means you can use this plugin for your own sites when you buy the product. You will also get the feature of insta reset that will allow you to change your old and boring WordPress into the new one. It will clean up your entire site, all content, settings etc and make it such that your site looks like a freshly installed WP with the default stuff in place without ever having to install WP all over again. It will keep all plugins as it is but delete their settings and deactivate them. But you will get more profit by This plugin. Just get WP Fresh Start V.4.0 right now…

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The Ultimate Bonus : Affiliate Rebirth

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AFFILIATE REBIRTH FE is a video training course, showing methods that Shahnawaz Sadiquee is currently using to make $100-$200 per day in affiliate commissions passively, from free traffic.

OTO1 is a Done For You pack that contains:

  • List of 10 DFY profitable niches
  • Fully researched keywords for each of 10 niches
  • Long Tail Pro keyword research outputs for each of 10 niches
  • Amazon keyword tool research outputs for each of 10 niches
  • Keyword research of 3 top competitors in each of 10 niches
  • Full report on each of 3 top competitors in each of 10 niches
  • Best-converting affiliate products to promote in each of 10 niches

OTO 2 is Case Studies and contains:

  • 4 case studies showing profitable products, how we drove traffic, and how much we made
  • Customers can copy and paste these ideas to get to profits much quicker

OTO3 is a way to get more profits and contains:

  • Advanced strategies to build high quality links to get more traffic to your site
  • SEO training to improve your sites’ ability to pull more organic traffic

Total Value (FE/OTO1/OTO2/OTO3) : Over than $100..!!


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