WPDigiPro By Tantan Hilyatana Review – Start Selling Your Digital Products in a Matter of Minutes… Hassle Free and No Complicated Setups!

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WPDigiPro By Tantan Hilyatana Review – Start Selling Your Digital Products in a Matter of Minutes… Hassle Free and No Complicated Setups!

Brand new – WPDigiPro By Tantan Hilyatana, Today, people pay good money for something that has no smell, taste, weight, or volume – a product with no physical presence. We live and work in an era of digital downloads, which are an enduring mark of our information age. The buying and selling of such intangibles is commerce as we know it today. According to elearningindustry.com, the eLearning market is growing at an unprecedented rate, an incredible $51.5 billion revenue in 2016. And eLearning is just one of them… just one kind of digital products. Enough said, digital product is a BIG thing today, and for the future!
WPDigiPro is a brand new product that never released before. WPDigiPro is a WP plugin to manage & sell digital products, and automate the process of selling digital products…. From Payment gateways integration, Automatic product delivery, Email notification, Members access, Autoresponder integration, Download link protection, And MANY more. With WPDigiPro, you can manage, sell, and automate your digital product business. With NO coding and NO complicated setups! So you can…1. TAP into digital product multi-billion industry, 2. TURN your skills and knowledge into a money machine, whether you are a photographer, web designer, programmer, running an online course, running a membership site, web agency, graphic designer, music composer, or selling ANY kind of digital products., 3. And MAKE money on autopilot! When we run digital product business, we believe this is the freedom and the easiest way to make money online… Because it is (the product that you can sell infinite time and with fewer overheads). And transaction and product delivery are done automatically without even we do anything. It doesn’t matter even we’re traveling, driving a car, sleeping… digital product business runs 24 hours a day on complete autopilot.
WPDigiPro can HELP you by managing ALL the processes… From download protection, payment gateway integration, automatic product delivery, automatic members access, automatic email notifications, and MUCH more! WPDigiPro takes care all the technical stuff, so your business will run smoothly… then you can focus on GROWING your business.

WPDigiPro By Tantan Hilyatana Review – Overview :

  • Vendor: Tantan Hilyatana et al
  • Product: WPDigiPro
  • Launch Date: 2017-Jun-05
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $97-$197
  • Niche: Software

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WPDigiPro By Tantan Hilyatana Review – How does it work :

  1. Step 1: ADD A PRODUCT
    You can add as many as products you want, UNLIMITED products! From software, online course, graphics, and more. ANY kind of digital products!
    Setup the payment gateway, Autoresponder integration, email notification, and more… ALL can be done inside your WP admin dashboard.
  3. Step 3: START SELLING
    It’s all set… then you are ready to START SELLING your products. Collect money and deliver the products on complete AUTOPILOT!

Watch Video Below :

WPDigiPro By Tantan Hilyatana Review – Benefit :

  • Sell Digital Products with Ease, Unlimited Products!
  • Sell eBooks, Software, Membership, Online Course, Graphics, And Much More…
  • Multiple Payment Gateways Supported
  • Tons of Autoresponders Integration
  • No Coding, No Complicated Setup, And No Monthly Fee!
  • License Key Feature for Your WP Themes or Plugins
  • Enable Recurring Fee for Your Digital Products
  • Complete Report of Your Product Stats

How Can WPDigiPro Help You In Your Business?

    Sell your software using WPDigiPro.
  • If You’re Running an ONLINE COURSE
    Sell your training using WPDigiPro.
  • If You’re Running a MEMBERSHIP SITE
    Charge a recurring fee to your members… daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. It’s your choice.
  • If You’re Running a WEB AGENCY
    Use our agency license, so you can charge thousands of Dollar by creating digital product selling system to your clients.
    Sell your beautiful creations using WPDigiPro.
  • If You’re a PHOTOGRAPHER
    Sell your photos using WPDigiPro.
  • If You’re a MUSIC COMPOSER
    Sell your music & audios using WPDigiPro.
  • OR, Selling ANY KIND OF DIGITAL PRODUCTS (eBook, Clipart, or ANY kind of digital products! )

WPDigiPro By Tantan Hilyatana Review – Features :

  • Download Link Protection
    WPDigiPro protects your hard works. The download link is only accessible by people who have bought your products.
  • Assign Trial Periods
    In some cases, you want to let people try your products before they buy. So we have added the trial option for your products.
  • Adding License Key
    If you are selling WP themes or plugins, you can add license key for your products. This feature is the perfect solution to protect your product from thief and cheater.
  • Enable Recurring Fee
    If you want to sell recurring fee product, EASY! WPDigiPro featured recurring fee option for your digital products.
  • Multiple Payment Gateways Integration
    Inbuilt Payment gateways: PayPal Standard, PayPal API, PayPal Sandbox (both Standard and API), 2Checkout, 2Checkout Sandbox.
  • Flexible Product Buy Link
    Use your product buy link anywhere such as in button, text or on third party websites. You can set which page to call once the product has been purchased.
  • Click Tracking
    Save TONS of money by not spending on third-party click tracking applications. Use WPDigiPro easy to use system in place which a newbie can also figure it out in minutes!
  • Product Report & Statistic
    Graph reporting to see your product sales stats with date filters and product filters.
  • Email Notification
    Purchase receipt, sales notification, login info, recurring billing reminder, etc. You can customize the email content, and turn on/off. Even we have provided email templates for you, so you can start selling in no time.
  • Custom Currency
    You can sell your products in any currency; it’s up to you to add custom currency. The perfect solution if you’re selling your digital products in your local market.
  • Pixel Management
    So you want to paste your pixel code? Whether Facebook Ads conversion pixel, Adwords conversion pixel, or any pixel code out there!
  • Page Protection
    Restrict particular page for the buyers of a certain product. It’s customizable; you can restrict as many pages you want, unlimited pages. And you can restrict a page for multiple products as well.
  • Manual Payment Option
    Trust me, you’ll need manual payment. In a few cases, prospects want to pay via wire transfer, and you can add them to be able to access your products manually.
  • Compatible with WordPress Multisite
    If you run multisite on your WordPress, then WPDigiPro works on the multisite network as well.

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WPDigiPro By Tantan Hilyatana Review – Watch This Walkthrough Video:

If you are a totally NEWBIE, don’t worry! We have provided COMPLETE documentation and training videos inside member’s area – walk you through all the details about WPDigiPro and how to use it.

WPDigiPro By Tantan Hilyatana Review – Bonus :

Autoresponders Integration Add-On Included (Value: $97.00)
Integrated with tons of top Autoresponders such as Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, Sendlane, ActiveCampaign, CampaignMonitor, iContact, ConstantContact, Sendy, MailWizz, Drip, ConvertKit, MailerLite, MadMimi, Mautic. And we’ll also add more Autoresponder integration in the future with no additional cost.

3rd Party SMTP Integration Add-On Included (Value: $49.00)
When WPDigiPro sends automatic email notifications, you can add custom SMTP for sending those emails. This add-on is the perfect solution for better delivery.

S3 Cloud Storage Add-On Included (Value: $49.00)
You can put your product files on Amazon S3. It’s the perfect solution for distributing large files. And your customers can access the files through your site.

Referrer Add-On Included (Value: $49.00)
Inside your WP admin dashboard, you’ll be able to see the referring sites that refer to your website. It’s a good feature to let you know who mentioned your business.

EDD Migration Add-On Included (Value: $49.00)
If you already have your own digital product system using EDD (EasyDigitalDownloads), then you can migrate all of your products into WPDigiPro. This add-on immensely saves you lot of time!

Invoicing in HTML and PDF Format Add-On Included (Value: $49.00)
A complete system for generating invoices for all customers.

JVZoo Add-On Included (Value: $49.00)
You get JVZoo add-on at no additional cost. Expand your market by integrating your products into JVZoo, just like we do.

WPDigiPro By Tantan Hilyatana Review – Exclusive Bonus :

Bonus 1: Product Creation Guru (Value: $49.00)
Creating your own product may take time to master for you, it also may take time to become the authority in your niche market. The good news is that inside this guide is a report that will give you some effective ideas on how to ideally create your own product like a guru. So you can create your own digital product like an expert!

Bonus 2: The Perfect Sales Funnel (Value: $49.00)
Have you ever wondered how the big online players create so much revenue and online subscribers? In this guide, you’ll learn how to make your business more successful.

Bonus 3: Product Launch Authority Gold (Value: $97.00)
When you create a digital product, you are creating something that you can sell infinite time and with fewer overheads. Creating a digital product is by far one of the best ways to make money from a website, a blog – or any brand at all for that matter.

Bonus 4: Ways to Find New Affiliates (Value: $79.00)
In this guide, you’ll learn the essential ways to find your new affiliates, the armies that promote your products! If you want to grow your business, you need to grow your team of affiliates to increase sales. Inside this video training, you are about to learn how to do it right that will really lessen your marketing expenses and have a great return of investment.

Bonus 5: Instant Conversion Mastery (Value: $97.00)
Traffic is said to be the lifeblood of a website or an online business, but if you are not good at converting those leads into customers, then your marketing effort is not enough. Discover the exact instant conversion techniques used to turn every visitor into cash!

WPDigiPro By Tantan Hilyatana Review – Here’s a Recapt, What you’ll Get inside :

  • WPDigiPro Plugin
  • You Can Add Unlimited Products
  • Complete Documentation and Video Tutorials
  • SEVEN Add-On Plugins Included at NO Additional Cost
  • FIVE Digital Product Business Trainings
  • 12 Months of UPDATES
  • Lifetime Free SUPPORT
  • Exclusive Facebook Group for Members

WPDigiPro By Tantan Hilyatana Review – OTO’s :

    WPDigiPro WP plugin, PLUS 8 bonuses; EDD migration add-on plugin, S3 add-on plugin, SMTP add-on plugin, Referrer add-on plugin, JVZoo add-on plugin, WPDigiPro Invoices add-on plugin, Autoresponders integration add-on plugin, and iParty Pro WordPress theme with White label License (Value $497) – only for Agency License.
    => Personal license: $97 (5 domains)
    => Personal+ license: $149 (20 domains)
    => Agency license: $197 (40 domains)
    SEVEN add-on plugins bundle: $97
    => Ticket support – to create support ticket system, so users don’t need to register again on a separate website.
    => Abandon Cart – to remind people who didn’t complete the checkout process.
    => Coupons – to create coupon discount for their products.
    => Packages Add-On – to bundle few products into one product.
    => Affiliate System – to run affiliate system inside WPDigiPro.
    => Warrior Plus – to do integration with Warrior Plus.
    => Zaxaa – to do integration with Zaxaa.
    WPDigiPro theme PLUS 12 Templates: $67
    A HUGE collection of WP themes and plugins with reseller & white label license:
    $49/mo (product updates and access to the new products)

Conclusion :

WPDigiPro can HELP you by managing ALL the processes… From download protection, payment gateway integration, automatic product delivery, automatic members access, automatic email notifications, and MUCH more!. WPDigiPro takes care all the technical stuff, so your business will run smoothly… then you can focus on GROWING your business. and then you covered by 30 days moneyback guarantee full refund, there’s no risk. Get WPDigiPro Now…!!

==> WPDigiPro By Tantan Hilyatana Review <==

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